After integrated design and sustainable consulting practice in so many years, EVEN DESIGN, since 2011, puts ‘green design products system provider’ as development strategy of the company, focusing on the fusion and implementation of sustainable idea in cities, regions and building development and providing design products, design consultation and design management service with prospective as well as advanced technology.

Originating from practice and professional responsibility, the vision ‘Green Quality Life’ is proposed to guide the future business development. Based in China and the world, the company will introduce overseas outstanding design resources accumulated in years through specific projects into Chinese market. Extensive view and barrier-free communication will build a bridge between China and the world. Globalization, sustainable development and systematic will be the main features of EvenDesign products.

Through the above changes of non-traditional design style and processes, EvenDesign will provide low-carbon planning, ecological landscape, green building and indoor design products to increase its influence in the industry and contribute power and wisdom in urban construction and development.

1、Integrated design service provider

According to different demands of customers, we provide various design services including design consultancy, design management, design deepening and specific product design, and also the above design services in the construction process of planning, building, indoor designing and accessories designing. Our integrated service also includes horizontal combination with international design organizations to lead in terms of culture and space and practice.

2Pioneer in Low-carbon Ecological Field

All design services will put sustainable development as the main objective, emphasizing more local resources disposition in accordance with local cultural attributes in the area where the development projects are located. It will apply advanced computer simulation software to do quantitative calculation and use different international and domestic green development system as reference principles. Such technological guidance will promote the development of projects. Cities and buildings are not only art, but a cultural carrier combined with technology.


Yi Yuan De An, in which Yi Yuan means to keep making improvement and pursuing progress; De An comes from Chinese ancient speech, symbolizes the determination to pursue excellence. The English name ‘EvenDesign’, is a transliterate version of Chinese one. In English context, its meaning is to plan and design better, which coincides with Chinese meaning. As a pioneering enterprise in Chinese low-carbon and ecological field, our courage to make improvement and pursue progress and career pursuit is indispensable, which is also inner motives of a company. 
The logo of EvenDesign is made up with two first letters, the first letter of ‘Environment’ and the first letter of ‘Architecture’, implying the dependable and inseparable relationship between environment and buildings. This is the core of the development of the company: pursuing the harmony between local resources and culture in the process of building development, pursuing the harmony between technology and art, and constructing a systemic approach for sustainable development of modern city.
The standard color of EvenDesign’s logo is orange which symbolizes energy, passion and youth. It represents the company’s spirit: making progress and booming development. Black and dark gray symbolizes open, inclusive, united and persistent professional attitude.
‘Green Quality Life’ is our company’s vision. We not only conduct urban planning, design buildings and shape indoor space, but also try to apply scientific, innovative and green ideas to change life. Through sustainable development and providing comfortable, healthy and effective environment, we construct high quality, highly comfortable and sustainable way of working and living for people.