Services Overview

EvenDesign supplies comprehensive and systematic design services, centralized in sustainable development, engaged in Planning and Urban Design、Architeture Design、Landscape Planning and Design、Interior Design and Accessorise. The services of these different links highlight the systematization and continuance during the whole procedure. The team firmly believes that, the most successful construction is the result of well planning and city design, interior desgin which insists on construction spirit, and accosserise that annotates the beauty of space.

Systematic Design Products include main part services and extensive services:

Main part product includes:
1、Regional Planning and Urban design (iincludes low-carbon ecological planning);
2、Ecology Landscape Design;
3、Green Building Design;
4、Interior and Accosserise Design and Purchase.
Design Extension Service includes:
1、Design Overall package;
2、Independent Service Consultation;
3、Design Management of international cooperated projects

Sustainable Development Consultation includes:

Sustainable Developmnent Consultation:
1、Support to passive and low-energy-consumption building design (Green Buildings)
2、Microclimate Research (sustainable planning/ green community
3、Utilization strategy of Energy, waste and water resources in site (green and low-carbon infrastructure)
Greeen Certification Service:
1、The overall process service of the certification of LEED、BREEM and China Green Building Standard;
2、Assistance for the developers or design team concerning above process and technic points.
1、Separate research of sustainable development;
2、Investigates and draws up enterprise green development outlines.